NI Orienteering Championships 2022

Carntogher – NIOA Long Distance Championships 15th October 2022

This year’s Long Distance Championships will be held in an area completely new to Orienteering –  the South-East slopes of Carntogher mountain in the east Sperrins. Although only a few miles from Glenshane Pass the terrain here is completely different and as you can see below it features a wealth of subtle contour detail. In addition to the natural features, the area has a network of unusual earthbanks which add landscape interest and linear features for the less technical courses.

The east-facing slopes feature rich contour detail

A new plot and map by Peel Map Surveys should make the best of the area.

A sample of the new map

In recent years the local Community Association has been instrumental in establishing car parking, access, and walking trails which explore the history of this unique landscape and we will make good use of these for our event.

OpenStreetMap derived map of part of the competition area


Parking will be at the An Carn Community Centre and Cafe. A shuttle bus will take competitors to the start and from the finish.


This is a Pre-entry event.

  • Juniors £9 (NIOA/BOF/IOA members £7)
  • Full-time Students £9 (NIOA/BOF/IOA members £7)
  • Seniors £18 (NIOA /BOF/IOA members £16)
  • Family multiple individual runs £45 (NIOA /BOF/IOA members £40)

Entries will be via the SIEntries Website

Start and Finish:

First start 11:00 – last start 13:00.

Please allow at least 25 minutes to catch the shuttle bus and walk 400m (40m climb) to the start. The finish (and download) is adjacent to the bus pickup point.

Courses Close at 15:00.


Enquiries will be at the An Carn centre. Results will be live online but we also hope to have them on display at the centre.


All courses will use a new 1:10,000 map. This has been surveyed by Peel Land Surveys spring 2022.

Course Details (Provisional):

Length Climb
1 8.0 320m M21L
2 7.4 300m M35, M40
3 6.3 270m M45, M50, M20, M18, W21
4 5.6 220m M55, M21S, M16, M60
5 4.7 220m W20, W18, W35, W40
6 4.3 190m M65, W45, W50
7 3.6 170m M70, W55, W21S, W16, W60
8 3.2 150m M75, W65, W70
9 2.2 120m W75, M80, M85, M90, W80, W85, W90
10 3.2 150m W14, M14
11 1.7 100m M12, W12
12 1.3 75m M10, W10

Yellow, Orange and Light Green colour courses are also available. These are pre-entry only.


No dogs are allowed in the competition area.


There are toilets in the An Carn centre – please make use of these if possible. There will also be limited toilet facilities by the bus drop-off point.


There is a good cafe in the An Carn centre providing meals, snacks and coffee. Please support them.


  • The area is open, exposed and mountainous.  Please bring a cagoule which you may be required to carry if weather conditions are poor.
  • Most of the competition area is over 800 feet so low visibility is very possible. Ensure you carry a compass and be prepared to lose height to the SW should you need to retire.
  • Whistles must be carried.
  • Some of the faster hillside areas are quite rocky. Please exercise care, particularly while descending.

All participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety

Organiser: Anthony McGonigle
Planner: Steven Linton
Controller: Charlie Reid

Date(s) - 15th Oct 2022
10:00 - 16:00


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