Downhill Forest


11-15 Mussenden Road
BT51 4SB
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A recreational forest with a limited network of tracks and easy access. The area is suitable for beginner Orienteering. Recent felling and forestry operation have rendered most of the woodland and older small path network inaccessible.

Parking and Access

Parking is beside the A2 Coleraine to Downhill road, in the picnic area opposite the Bishop’s Gate entrance of the National Trust Downhill property. To access the forest just walk along the footpath towards Coleraine for 100m to the pedestrian Forest Entrance.

Permanent Courses

The two links below will allow you to download Orienteering maps overprinted with courses and descriptions of the locations of the marker posts.

Update Mar 2024: Unfortunately many of the Orienteering posts have been removed. The White and Orange courses have been edited to mark the missing posts with a red circles.




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