Ballykelly Forest


320 Clooney Rd
BT49 9JE
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This is the southern section of Ballykelly Forest, the first state forest to be acquired in Northern Ireland. Four and a half hectares of Douglas Fir were planted here in 1912 within the boundaries of a much more ancient woodland. While today the Wood is mainly made up of conifer plantation, around the edges a strip of the old natural woodland remains and makes for an excellent walk.

The area has a good network of forest tracks and paths and there are significant blocks of mature forest which allow the runner / walker to get off the beaten track.

The area is very suitable for introductory to intermediate level Orienteering.

Commemorative Stone (located in northern part of the forest)

Access and Car Parking

There is good car parking in a Forestry Service Car Park just off the A2 Clooney Road. The car park entrance is signposted directly opposite a CostCutter Supermarket.

Orienteering Map

There is no permanent orienteering course here, but you can still make your own course or just take the orienteering map with you to explore the forest. The link below will allow you to download and print a copy of the map.

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