NWOC Club Champion 2019

Congratulations to Rebecca Linton the 2019 Club Champion who beat her target time at Hillsbrough by 12 minutes. Thanks to David for doing the sums, LVO for putting on a very enjoyable event for us and to everyone who took part.

 Mins / kmCourse TargetTime Taken


Rebecca Linton 16.38573.51-12.09
Rachel Reid (O)17.85947.16-11.44
Fred Corscadden (O)12.24034.34-5.26
Bobby Smyth9.24851.43-3.43
Ross Walker10.055249.35-2.25
Steven Linton7.253835.49-2.11
Des Fletcher10.255354.241.24
Gerry Meehan11.756165.064.06
Charlie Reid11.255865.467.46
David Blair8.444456.5812.58
Anthony McGonigle9.248mp