NI Score and Night Champs 2020 – Downhill 22nd February

(updated 22 Feb 07:00) – Event ON today

After Ciara and Dennis have done their worst NWOC are going again with the NI Score and Night Championships 2020 at Downhill this Saturday (22nd February).

Please note we are moving the score mass start forward one hour to 14:00.

Also please note that owing to the stretching evenings the Night Event will now not start until 5:50pm (or shortly afterwards).

We are making carrying a cagoule and whistle compulsory for both events. Ground conditions are extremely wet and slippy – studded shoes are strongly recommended.

Owing to recent persistent rain the main stream running through night event area is swollen and potentially hazardous to cross – especially at night. The medium and long courses have a marked crossing point to avoid the stream which will be marked with florescent tape. This is now a compulsory crossing point.

(Updated) details are available on the event page.