I knew those Shoes Wouldn’t Last For Ever!

Nothing Lasts for Ever

Adidas Swoop Expired

The weather gods didn’t smile on the NIOA champs on Saturday. The clouds came down, the rain came on – only the wind held back a bit. In all of this the organising team soldiered on to deliver a classic Orienteering Challenge and get us all safely off the mountain. Many thanks to all involved.


Mist on a mountain always ups the technical challenge – compass and pacing comes to the fore – standing on top of a hill seeking “inspiration” from watching your fellow competitors doesn’t work so well! I was running the Green course with the aid of orienteering glasses – one lens in to squint at the map – one lens out to peer through the fog. Going slow and steady until my trusty running shoes disintegrated – after that just slow. Interestingly I found I could proceed quite well on level ground and straight uphill – just diagonals and downhill was the problem. Made for some tricky route choices!

Anyhow I made it back. So respect and thanks for all those who did the massive amount of work required to run a classic Orienteering race in wild terrain and do it safely when the weather acts up like yesterday. Hopefully next time we can all enjoy fine views down to Carlingford Lough in the Sunshine!