Club Email Newsletter Live

Existing NWOC members who have previously received group emails from Club officials have now been added to the new email newsletter. This newsletter summarises and links to the three most recent news items on the NWOC Website.


These email updates will be sent out when significant new information (events, results etc.) is posted on the NWOC website. The Club hopes to move to this method of communication for most official information. This should achieve the following benefits:

  1. A single authoritative source for event information and last minute updates on the Club website which is also visible in personal email
  2. Enable any appropriate Club official to communicate easily to members and interested parties
  3. Allow easy sharing of these updates via social media
  4. Allow those receiving the updates to click an opt-out link if no longer interested
  5. Allow any interested website visitors to easily sign-up to the email newsletter

Watch out for further information about website changes to allow members and interested parties to provide feedback and discuss issues import to the Clubs future plans.