NI Colour Series 6 – Pomeroy

9th November 2019

Getting there:

Pomeroy forest is most easily accessed from the junction of the A29 with the B160 between Dungannon and Cookstown


All parking will be on areas of hard standing in the centre of the competition area.

Registration will operate from 10:30am.

Starts from 11.30 to 13.00pm.

Courses Close at 3.30pm.

Start and Finish are both adjacent to the parking/registration.

Entry Fees:

  • Juniors £5 (NIOA members £4)
  • OAP/ Unwaged £8 (NIOA members £6)
  • Seniors £10 (NIOA members £8)
  • Family £25 (NIOA members £20)

Course Details:

Course Length Climb
White 1.6 km  25m
Yellow 2.0 km  25m
Orange 2.2 km  25m
Light Green 2.5 km  35m
Short Green 2.7 km  30m
Green 3.5 km  60m
Blue 5.1 km  85m
Brown 7.0 km  130m


All courses will use a 1:10,000 map with ISOM 2017 symbols.

Out of Bounds:

All public roads along the edge of the forest are out of bounds and will be marked as such on your map, Please ensure you observe this.

Terrain Notes:

From an orienteering perspective, the useable areas of the forest are mainly coniferous, undulating and with an abundance of old boundaries and drainage ditches. A few areas of rough open parkland with mature isolate trees are reminders of the former Demesne. There are a number of paths and trail loops varying from heavily used stone blinded paths to less distinct trails used only by the more adventurous walker. The courses have been planned within the runnable areas, visibility is generally good. Only some legs will encounter mixed scrubby seasonal vegetation depending upon the route chosen. Whilst runability is generally good, the momentum is often broken by ditches, ridges and furrows associated with the lines of planting. The area is very compact, so in order to keep path running to a minimum expect courses with lots of twisting and turning with higher numbers of controls than usual.

Toilets no toilets are available at the event.


  • The entrance to the forest from the B160 is on a bend – please take extra care when arriving and leaving.
  • Take care when driving from the forest entrance to the parking because the access route passes through the competition area.
  • The derelict forestry college building is surrounded by security fencing which must not be entered.

All participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.


Organiser: Anthony McGonigle
Planner: Steven Linton
Controller: David Blair

Date(s) - 9th Nov 2019
10:30 - 12:00


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