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Xmas 2017 Event Results

Thanks to David Blair for planning and organising an excellent event using both sides ofor Ballykelly forest. We had a good number of club members as well as visitors from LVO and Scotland and some club members from the past.

Afterwards members enjoyed a meal at the Drummond where we celebrated Noel Bogle’s 80th and we then held our AGM.

Happy New Year and orienteering in 2018.


NWOC Club Championship 2017 Results

The NWOC Handicap Championships took place at Carnfunnock Country Park near Larne on the 18th November. We used the last of the LVO Autumn Series Events so no one had to miss out through planning or controlling. I think everyone there would agree it was a really nice parkland area – with many unusual features such as the giant model train set which I briefly got trapped in! The crisp clear weather afforded beautiful views over the North Channel. Getting to visit and enjoy places like this is one of the great boons of our sport.

Many thanks to LVO for a very enjoyable (and demanding) event. I am sure I entered Green but there were times on the long legs and steep climbs it felt quite  blue!

Finally thanks to our Handicapper David  who crunched the numbers with total impartiality!

Green Course (5 kms)
 Name Handicap  Target Time  Time Taken  +/-
1. Charlie Reid  15:01 75:05  60:45  -14:20
2. David Blair  11:18 56:30  43:57  -12:33
3. Mark Philpott  13:45 68:15  57:55  -10:20
4. Andrew Hearnshaw  14:48 72:40  63:57  -8:43
5. Des Fletcher 13:06 65:30  57:16  -8:14
6 Gerry Meehan  15:48 78:55  70:42  -8:13
7 Ruth Blair  16:45 82:20  75:24  -6:46
8 Ross Walker 12:54 63:10  59:53  -3:17
 Fred Corscadden  15:11 75:55 Missed No 7
Orange Course (3.4 kms)
 Name Handicap  Target Time  Time Taken  +/-
9 Rachel Reid 17:42  59:22  56:39  -2:43
10 Ursula Meehan  17:54  60:03  57:26  -2:37


See the LVO Website for the full event results


Binevenagh CS4 – 7/10/2017 – Results

(Binevenagh 7/10/2017)

Provisional results up below. Email me if you have any issues with these.

Many thanks to Duncrun Fishing Lakes for allowing us to use their car park and other facilities.

Thanks to Anthony for doing all the initial pre-event Controlling and making my job much easier.

Thanks to David for for Planning and Rachel for Organising and all the NWOC club members who helped generally and stayed behind to collect markers.

Charlie Reid

(Sorry no Ranking Points – less rank 10 ranked runners in Green, Blue and Brown)

Any queries email