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Xmas Event Results

(Ballykelly 28/12/2016)

Provisional results up below. Email me if you have any issues with these. Apologies to the Gamble family for the mix up  on the White and Orange courses – this should be fixed now and well done to Peter and Grace for their wins!

Thanks to Anthony for planning (and a great map update) and to Des for Organising and looking after the IT.

Any queries email


NI Colour Series 4

(Downhill  01/10/2016)

Provisional results up below. Email me if you have any issues with these.

Thanks to Ross for planning (his first Colour Series – looking forward to the next one) and to David Blair for Organising and making the logistics all go smoothly.  Brilliant weather in a brilliant palace – I hope most runners also got to enjoy some of the other attraction of the area.

I am not planning to do RouteGadget for this event as the 2 maps on Green, Blue and Brown would make this rather difficult. Also the nature of the area doesn’t allow for a lot of route choice. Email me if you would like me to reconsider – Charlie

Any queries email


Wed Evening Series 8 – Walworth Wood – Results

The final WES event took place in Walworth Wood and took the form of an adhoc relay, score and a green course.

In the relay, the teams had 3 runners and 2 runners started at the time on their first course. When the 1st runner came back the 3rd runner went out. When 2nd runner returned they swapped maps with the 1st runner who then went out on their second course. This continued until all 3 runners had run the 3 courses. The winning team was Bobby Smyth, Rose Deery and David Blair.

As well as the relay, there were 5 runners who completed the score course and 1 on the green course.

Thanks to everyone who planned courses, put out markers, collected markers and especially to all the runners who turned up at all the events.